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A serious case of the giggles…

While home visiting family, we tried to work in a few family photos.  This one had a serious case of the giggles.781A6990

Baby Dylan

Recently, I had the chance to spend a little time with this adorable little guy and his beautiful mama!  Such a sweetie!
1 2 3 5 64 7 8 9 10 11He thought about being grumpy for just a second….

but decided he was just too happy!13

mama love15

This one assisted from the corner of the room : )

Thank you for sharing your sweet little love with me!

Sweet Summer Evening: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

So much love for this family!  A summer evening filled with smiles, laughter, wiggly toddlers, and a super sweet newborn!  Thank you for sharing your evening with me!781A1194781A1142-2 781A1161-2 781A1214 781A1251-2 781A1271 781A1329 781A1346 781A1364-2 781A1435 781A1438781A1528 781A1581-2 781A1635

10 on 10: June

Here it is.  My last 10 on 10.  I’m thankful for doing this project and being included in the circle of so many wonderful photographers.  Thank you for the inspiration!  So here we go: my last 10 on 10 is the first day of summer vacation.  It was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and we decided to visit our favorite park.  We began with a picnic._MG_9382

We watched the airplanes overhead…._MG_9393

And the trees swaying in the wind…_MG_9394

This one LOVES the monkey bars.  LOVES. _MG_9430 _MG_9439

Back to the monkey bars…_MG_9445

We played with our shadows…_MG_9469

And climbed and climbed…_MG_9484

Then climbed some more…_MG_9499


Brother/sister conversation.

Switched into rain boots, found walking sticks, and set off to explore in the woods._MG_9618


Late afternoon shadows._MG_9627


Grab another cup of coffee and check out the amazingly talented Jessica Lewis of Jess Lewis Photography!

:: Hoosier Women in Art Exhibition ::


Three of my photographs will be on display at The Garfield Arts Center’s Hoosier Women in Art Exhibition from June 8-29th!  Closing celebrations will be June 29th with Hoosier Women in Music concert at MacAllister Amphitheatre.  Join me!Hoosier Women in Art GPAC

Seeking Light

From a recent hike:

_MG_9643 _MG_9653 _MG_9557

Indianapolis Wedding


Off to the church….IMG_8171