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Gratitude for Sandy Butts

Gratitude for Sandy Butts

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:: Kim & Dylan Engagement ::

My husband’s cousin is getting married in November to a woman that we fell in love with about 30 seconds after we met her. I can see why Dylan adores her. She has a magnetic personality and a sweetness that just melts your heart. Dylan is a genuine romantic and amazing man. Together, they make an incredible couple. I had goosebumps making their engagement photos. I, quite literally, followed them around and captured them as they are…perfectly smitten with one another. This was one of my favorite trips to Chicago…for endless reasons. I’m looking forward to our return trip and a myriad of family holidays and trips in the future! xoxoxoxo!!!

:: Summer Days ::


Over The River And Through The Woods…

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:: on the street ::

10 on 10: July

Errand Day.

I’ve been invited to join a group of fabulous photographers to document our lives each month and then share on the 10th!  I’m over the moon at this opportunity to collaborate with such talented ladies!  My very first 10 on 10.  It began with a trip to the car wash, ended with popsicles, and, in between, we found glorious red balloons.

Visiting friends

Breakfast for lunch.

My sweet friend’s mom made my daughter this adorable dress!

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