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The Street

This month at O+U we’re talking about obsessions and loves….join me!

:: Sarah & David ::

My niece married her best friend over the summer and I took a few photos.  Congratulations you lovebirds!

They had a long table FILLED with candy….which my children devoured in reckless abandon.


Official Mr. & Mrs.

10 on 10: August

This 10 on 10 is all film (sooc).  We were all over the city on this day with meetings and much promised side trips for the kids.  A good blend of work and play!

The day began in the backyard.

Savored the sprinkles at the local donut shop (I made a promise days ago).

Ventured downtown.

Showed a little love to the new independent bookstore in our city.

Bought tickets for the Soldiers & Sailors Monument on the circle and played with the Diana F+ red scale film 120mm.  The monument takes you WAAAY up high to lookout over the city.  The kids were enthralled…aaaand we discovered my son may have a fear of heights.

On the street.

Pre-meeting.  The kids are incredibly patient with sitting through my work meetings.  Dry erase boards and the iPad are key.

Homeward bound.  Reflections.  She caught my eye.

This was our day.  Work and play and life all blending into one.  I’m thankful my kids have been able to tag along as much as possible this summer.  There can be a lot of chaos involved, but a lot of good shared experiences as well.  And I always love the street…always, always.  [Nikon F4 Kodak Portra 400, IlFord 400] [Diana F+ Red Scale 120mm]

And you know what else I love?  This lady! Go check her out!!

:: Elizabeth & Mark: Arkansas Wedding ::

Our very dear family friend recently married one of the sweetest ladies!!  It was a gorgeous day and they are beautiful couple!  So much emotion and so much happiness…I felt honored to be present as they exchanged vows.  Congratulations Mark & Elizabeth!!  xoxo!

:: Vista Branding Contest: What is America? ::

Feeling very honored to have this image of mine chosen as one of the 50 Finalists in Vista Branding’s contest “What is America?”

EEP!!!  So exciting!!!!  And even sweeter to see images from my good friends in the group with me!!  Please click on over and show a little love “likes” on your favorite images!  People choice awards are announced August 27th!  XOXO