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Gratitude for the first snowfall of the season…


Gratitude for my niece and her new husband!  And for shooting weddings with a good friend!


Gratitude for the new addition to our home.  Houseplants.  Added several over the summer….now to keep them alive!

10 on 10: November

November’s 10 on 10 was captured on a Sunday as we traveled to Chicago for a family wedding.

Advice from the groomsmen

Congratulations Dylan & Kim!  And now head on over to check out the fabulous Tiffani!


gratitude: 8/30

Gratitude for morning fog.

gratitude: 5/30

Gratitude for unexpected teamwork….”just because”

gratitude: 4/30

Gratitude for my son and the connection we have.

gratitude: 3/30

Gratitude for hot coffee on cold, dreary days.

gratitude: 2/30

Oodles of gratitude for this lovely lady!  I met her for the first time after school on the swings at St. Joseph Catholic School.  I was in first grade and she was in second.  When my mom’s car pulled up, I climbed in and told her, “I think I just made a new friend.  She’s really, really nice.  I hope I see her tomorrow.”  And then she transferred (insert sad face).  We lived in a small town, though, and so we met up again in high school….and then we attended the same university.  Although we were studying in different areas of the university, we quickly realized we knew A LOT of the same people…thus dinner groups formed and adventures were had and trips were planned and craziness ensued.  My favorite trip to NYC involves this woman and my first ever walk across the Brooklyn Bridge…and Rockefeller Center at Christmas time…and a little Thai restaurant in Greenwich Village and STICKMAN JONES!!  : )  We’ve stood by each other through thick and thin….laughed and celebrated each other’s joys and cried and listened to each other’s sorrows.  Love her and so grateful for her.

::On Display::

During the month of November, several of my black and white street photographs will be on display at Hubbard & Cravens (49th and Penn location)!  Want to join me for a little coffee and photography?