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:: Kristin & Justin :: Indianapolis Wedding

A few short months ago, my niece got married.

I still feel pretty weepy when I sort through photos from the event.  I used to babysit her and her sisters when they were little.  I have vivid memories of watching The Little Mermaid and singing out loud with them.  I’m especially lucky to live in the same city with her as an adult.  I felt honored that they asked me to photograph their wedding.  It was a gorgeous day filled with that golden light that you hope for as a photographer.  She was absolutely stunning.  He was handsome as ever.  We cried, we laughed, we danced the night away, & we celebrated them as a couple.

(Also, I was super excited to be shooting with the ever talented Kelley Heneveld of Kelley Jordan Photography.)
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10 on 10: February

Like most everyone else I know, we’ve had a bad go of it with the flu germs this season.  Still sniffling here.  Today was glorious, though.  We decided to get outside and make the most of it!  Also, we got a dog a few weeks ago and we’re absolutely smitten.

The day began with pajamas and pancakes.  We like to play with our food.  He made an anchor that turned into a mushroom.1

Work space.  Processing photos.2

Remains of my lunch.3

In the afternoon, we headed out to walk the dog and enjoy the sunshine.  Hello fresh air!4

Crusty nose.  5

Practicing his ninja moves.6

Love the pops of green this time of year.  Reminds me that spring is not so far off….

Fetch.  A daily habit.

Muddy treasure from our adventure.9

We arrived home to find an invitation to The Sticker Club (insert ooooh and aaaah) from his cousin.  The delight of a 5 & 7 yr old….the prospect of 36stickers arriving in our mailbox over the next month!  He read the entire letter with such enthusiasm!  10

And back to reality.  PILES and PILES of tissues wherever she goes.11Be sure to check out the one and only Erika Ray of Erika Ray Photography and her 10 on 10!!