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Assisting the ever talented Kelley Heneveld of Kelley Jordan Photography!
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10 on 10: March

This month’s 10 on 10 caught me off guard.  The hours and days and weeks have been flying by lately and I could have sworn I had another day or two before the 10th.  Not so.  I remembered (got the FB reminder from our group) while sitting at the animal clinic with our sad pup.

Our Saturday took an unexpected turn when our dog tried to dig his way through a rotted tree trunk to catch a chipmunk.  Chipmunks might be his undoing.  He loves them so…or at least he loves the chase.  He’s doing very well…although he’s none to happy with the bandage.  Taken with my iPhone.  1

Home again and resting easy on the couch.2

I promised Legos today.  Scissors at the ready….she was in charge of opening the new lego bags.



I ate a brownie and contemplated the disaster that is our kitchen counter. 6

See? 48 hours ago this was spotless.  The pile is growing.  It morphs into a life of its own at an exponential rate.  Within the pile: matchbox cars, Skipbo, a Dr. Seuss hat, finger painting, art work from school, mail, tissue paper with stickers, orange felt used for a mushroom costume, a homemade placemat, and a lightbulb.  And a dog leash. My children are convinced that all of these items are essential.  There’s a big part of me that agrees with them.  I just wish I could contain it better.   7

Exhausted.  He spent the afternoon playing outside at a birthday party for a friend.  He was asleep by the time we pulled into the driveway.


And movie night.  The Jungle Book and popcorn.  10So there you have it.   A last minute 10 on 10.  Crazy, chaotic, but real.

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:: Dylan & Kim :: Chicago Wedding

My husband’s cousin was recently married in Chicago.  We arrived early to spend a little time with him before the big event.  We celebrated a beautiful day, a gorgeous wedding and a very, very happy couple!  Congratulations and best wishes!  xo