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Indianapolis Wedding


Off to the church….IMG_8171

Sage Advice

You know that old saying, “Measure twice, cut once”?  It should be followed.  Regrettably, I did not.  I’m in the process of facing down my quilting fears with this quilt.  I was in a zone.  I was feeling groovy.  Stacks of fat quarters all over the table…color, texture, possibilities laid out before me….YES!  I AM A QUILTER!!  Erika gave us the option of cutting fabric or ripping fabric.  I tried both.  Turns out…I’m a ripper.  Rip, rip, rip.  1a

I love the little frayed edges.2

The imperfections…34

Stacks of ripped fabric.  Oh yes.5

What remains…6

This is where it all went awry…  I measured, incorrectly, and went on, unknowingly, happily ripping strips.  Seven strips in, I realized the mistake.  I panicked.  I did.  Every self critical comment came to mind…every harsh voice.  Usually this is where I trip up, get discouraged, and stop.  This time I chose differently.  I quickly texted Erika my mistake and her reply set my mind at ease.  I wound up needing to purchase a little more fabric.  My daughter asked if we could use the mismeasured fabric to make another project together….absolutely.  I finished ripping strips.  7


A little ironing….

10And done!  Still loving the project and embracing the mistakes.  Perfectly imperfect.  Moving on to the next phase!

10 on 10: April

We were on spring break for this 10 on 10.  Florida sunshine.  Lush greens and vibrant color.  The day began with tennis.
1 2 3

Someone ended up on the injured list with a skinned knee.
4 5a 6

Her favorite way to sit.7 8 9

Tic Tac Toe with Grandma.10

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I think I can, I think I can…..

And so it begins….

Today I bought fabric to make this quilt.

I’m not completely certain of my fabric choices, but I’m thrilled I took a leap of faith.  I drooled over yards and yards of options.  I went in thinking yellow and came out with something completely different.  When faced with a new challenge, I often find myself overwhelmed…and ultimately let it get the best of me.  I procrastinate because I worry that I’ll get it wrong.  I strive for perfect.  Not this time around.  I can do this.  And so can you… along with us!