10 on 10

10 on 10: June

Here it is.  My last 10 on 10.  I’m thankful for doing this project and being included in the circle of so many wonderful photographers.  Thank you for the inspiration!  So here we go: my last 10 on 10 is the first day of summer vacation.  It was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and we decided to visit our favorite park.  We began with a picnic._MG_9382

We watched the airplanes overhead…._MG_9393

And the trees swaying in the wind…_MG_9394

This one LOVES the monkey bars.  LOVES. _MG_9430 _MG_9439

Back to the monkey bars…_MG_9445

We played with our shadows…_MG_9469

And climbed and climbed…_MG_9484

Then climbed some more…_MG_9499


Brother/sister conversation.

Switched into rain boots, found walking sticks, and set off to explore in the woods._MG_9618


Late afternoon shadows._MG_9627


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10 on 10: April

We were on spring break for this 10 on 10.  Florida sunshine.  Lush greens and vibrant color.  The day began with tennis.
1 2 3

Someone ended up on the injured list with a skinned knee.
4 5a 6

Her favorite way to sit.7 8 9

Tic Tac Toe with Grandma.10

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10 on 10: March

This month’s 10 on 10 caught me off guard.  The hours and days and weeks have been flying by lately and I could have sworn I had another day or two before the 10th.  Not so.  I remembered (got the FB reminder from our group) while sitting at the animal clinic with our sad pup.

Our Saturday took an unexpected turn when our dog tried to dig his way through a rotted tree trunk to catch a chipmunk.  Chipmunks might be his undoing.  He loves them so…or at least he loves the chase.  He’s doing very well…although he’s none to happy with the bandage.  Taken with my iPhone.  1

Home again and resting easy on the couch.2

I promised Legos today.  Scissors at the ready….she was in charge of opening the new lego bags.



I ate a brownie and contemplated the disaster that is our kitchen counter. 6

See? 48 hours ago this was spotless.  The pile is growing.  It morphs into a life of its own at an exponential rate.  Within the pile: matchbox cars, Skipbo, a Dr. Seuss hat, finger painting, art work from school, mail, tissue paper with stickers, orange felt used for a mushroom costume, a homemade placemat, and a lightbulb.  And a dog leash. My children are convinced that all of these items are essential.  There’s a big part of me that agrees with them.  I just wish I could contain it better.   7

Exhausted.  He spent the afternoon playing outside at a birthday party for a friend.  He was asleep by the time we pulled into the driveway.


And movie night.  The Jungle Book and popcorn.  10So there you have it.   A last minute 10 on 10.  Crazy, chaotic, but real.

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10 on 10: February

Like most everyone else I know, we’ve had a bad go of it with the flu germs this season.  Still sniffling here.  Today was glorious, though.  We decided to get outside and make the most of it!  Also, we got a dog a few weeks ago and we’re absolutely smitten.

The day began with pajamas and pancakes.  We like to play with our food.  He made an anchor that turned into a mushroom.1

Work space.  Processing photos.2

Remains of my lunch.3

In the afternoon, we headed out to walk the dog and enjoy the sunshine.  Hello fresh air!4

Crusty nose.  5

Practicing his ninja moves.6

Love the pops of green this time of year.  Reminds me that spring is not so far off….

Fetch.  A daily habit.

Muddy treasure from our adventure.9

We arrived home to find an invitation to The Sticker Club (insert ooooh and aaaah) from his cousin.  The delight of a 5 & 7 yr old….the prospect of 36stickers arriving in our mailbox over the next month!  He read the entire letter with such enthusiasm!  10

And back to reality.  PILES and PILES of tissues wherever she goes.11Be sure to check out the one and only Erika Ray of Erika Ray Photography and her 10 on 10!!

10 on 10: January

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you shot all day long and you’re CERTAIN you captured tons and tons of good moments….only to arrive home and discover….nada?  That’s my 10 on 10 this month.  I thought I had a good mix, but when I began processing, I realized I captured lots o’photos of the same thing.

The day began with legos.3

Breakfast at the diner.1

Yes.  Eventually I handed over my phone so they could play Pitfall.2

Made our way to the Butler basketball game later that day.  These two have been going to BU games together since they were toddlers.  I’m fairly certain this is the first year they sat still and watched the game.  Lots of popcorn was consumed….   5



celebration beers.  Go DAWGS!7

And then on our way to the record store.8

we jammed9

And after purchasing our first vinyl record (Coltrane: Love Supreme), we headed home.10

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10 on 10: December

I love coming down our staircase to this every morning during the holidays.


Also, I adore watching our city change during the Christmas season.  _MG_1009

Pops of red everywhere._MG_1011


On this day, my daughter and I drove home to visit my parents.  Lunch…._MG_1022

And then looking through old photographs, decorating the Christmas tree, and playing in my mom’s art studio.  Playroom of my youth…._MG_1029


Cobalt blue was always my favorite color…my mom favors Ultramarine._MG_1050


This ornament was made from my grandmother’s pillowcase._MG_1061 And in the evening, a return to my city…my home….and the whimsy of the season on every corner._MG_1062And now continue the 10 on 10 cheer with Jessica!

10 on 10: November

November’s 10 on 10 was captured on a Sunday as we traveled to Chicago for a family wedding.

Advice from the groomsmen

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10 on 10: October

I shot this month’s 10 on 10 whilst traveling to Toronto to visit a few awesome ladies.

arriving in Toronto

people watching at the airport

as seen on the street while photo walking

dancing in the streets to BRUCE!!

drinking and eating and drinking and eating

we, quite literally, found an experiment in awesome

we talked motherhood and bikes and super cute babes that made our ovaries hurt.

we found words of wisdom in the subway

we celebrated each other and the bonds of friendship

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10 on 10: September

September’s 10 on 10 was captured on Kodak Portra 400 35mm film sooc.

The morning began with domestic obligation.

We recently purchased a globe and it’s prompted all sorts of conversation.  Additionally, it looks lovely in the morning sunlight on the kid’s table.

File this under: Things I’m Going to Miss When the Kids Get Older (Hot Wheels cars EVERYWHERE)…also, ignore how dirty those windows are.  I’ve shamed my mother terribly.  What can I say?  We’ve been doing more important things…

Family puzzles….also known as How We Spend Our Sunday Mornings

What Remains: Glitter Love

As seen on the street whilst running errands…

Smiley Face

Garden Center Bliss…I came home with three new plants and am absolutely delighted!!

Foodie: A farm stand will stop me in my tracks every. single. time.

I came home to this:  My son using the mower for the first time and proclaiming, “THIS IS AWESOME!!!!”  (yes our lawn was really THAT long…don’t judge)

And there you have it…a day in the life!  Up next…the one and only….Tiffani!

10 on 10: August

This 10 on 10 is all film (sooc).  We were all over the city on this day with meetings and much promised side trips for the kids.  A good blend of work and play!

The day began in the backyard.

Savored the sprinkles at the local donut shop (I made a promise days ago).

Ventured downtown.

Showed a little love to the new independent bookstore in our city.

Bought tickets for the Soldiers & Sailors Monument on the circle and played with the Diana F+ red scale film 120mm.  The monument takes you WAAAY up high to lookout over the city.  The kids were enthralled…aaaand we discovered my son may have a fear of heights.

On the street.

Pre-meeting.  The kids are incredibly patient with sitting through my work meetings.  Dry erase boards and the iPad are key.

Homeward bound.  Reflections.  She caught my eye.

This was our day.  Work and play and life all blending into one.  I’m thankful my kids have been able to tag along as much as possible this summer.  There can be a lot of chaos involved, but a lot of good shared experiences as well.  And I always love the street…always, always.  [Nikon F4 Kodak Portra 400, IlFord 400] [Diana F+ Red Scale 120mm]

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