Exciting News!


It’s official my friends! My good friend Kelley of Kelley Jordan Photography and I are teaming up to bring our vision to wedding photography and I couldn’t be happier!!IMG_8171

Indianapolis Wedding


Off to the church….IMG_8171


Assisting the ever talented Kelley Heneveld of Kelley Jordan Photography!
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:: Dylan & Kim :: Chicago Wedding

My husband’s cousin was recently married in Chicago.  We arrived early to spend a little time with him before the big event.  We celebrated a beautiful day, a gorgeous wedding and a very, very happy couple!  Congratulations and best wishes!  xo











:: Kristin & Justin :: Indianapolis Wedding

A few short months ago, my niece got married.

I still feel pretty weepy when I sort through photos from the event.  I used to babysit her and her sisters when they were little.  I have vivid memories of watching The Little Mermaid and singing out loud with them.  I’m especially lucky to live in the same city with her as an adult.  I felt honored that they asked me to photograph their wedding.  It was a gorgeous day filled with that golden light that you hope for as a photographer.  She was absolutely stunning.  He was handsome as ever.  We cried, we laughed, we danced the night away, & we celebrated them as a couple.

(Also, I was super excited to be shooting with the ever talented Kelley Heneveld of Kelley Jordan Photography.)
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Gratitude for my niece and her new husband!  And for shooting weddings with a good friend!

:: Sarah & David ::

My niece married her best friend over the summer and I took a few photos.  Congratulations you lovebirds!

They had a long table FILLED with candy….which my children devoured in reckless abandon.


Official Mr. & Mrs.

:: Elizabeth & Mark: Arkansas Wedding ::

Our very dear family friend recently married one of the sweetest ladies!!  It was a gorgeous day and they are beautiful couple!  So much emotion and so much happiness…I felt honored to be present as they exchanged vows.  Congratulations Mark & Elizabeth!!  xoxo!